How to keep your cuticles healthy and good-looking?


Even the most exciting and beautiful manicures can be ruined and look less appealing if you have peeling or dry cuticles. Although it might sound challenging, it is best not to peel the cuticles, which can lead to infections and cuts in the area around the nail. The cuticles are the skin that grows on the nail plate; as the nail grows, the skin increases with it. The cuticles are necessary for the pin because they help grow and protect the nail against bacteria.

Since the cuticles are skin, they can dry when the skin is dehydrated, making them peel. To restore its great look and condition, the experts suggest using an oil-based product rather than a lotion. A great manicure and look start from a properly groomed nail bed that allows smooth paint application. However, cuticles should not be forgotten too.

Here is everything you need to know about keeping your cuticles healthy and good-looking.

Use cuticle oil

The cuticle oil is a must in the nail routine. It is best to apply the cuticle oil to the cuticles and the nail plate several times a day for a few days. This will deliver healthy and strong nails. Do that by massaging the cuticles and the nail bed. Use jojoba or olive oil that has moisturizing properties. After you finish the process, wipe the nails and use a shiny buffer to deliver effortless shine.

Don't peel the cuticles.

As mentioned above, resisting the urge to peel off the cuticles is essential. They come beneath the nail root, just as the nail grows. With the peeling, there is an excellent chance that you can damage the pin as a whole. The nail experts suggest that it is best to gently push the cuticle back, paying attention not to damage the nail.

Don't cut the cuticles.

Cutting the cuticles can have dire repercussions on the nail, starting with the skin growing back thicker. That will make the pin look different and harder to paint.

Always apply a base coat.

The base coat is essential in the DIY nail routine. It secures the nail from staining by nail polish. It also strengthens nail growth and is excellent for the cuticles themselves.

Have a nail file close by

Whether you are doing your nails and manicure at a professional salon or at home, a nail file will come more than handy in situations that can determine and set the life of your cuticles. With the nail file, you can quickly smooth any rough edges of the cuticles and the nail itself. The best way to use the nail file is to go in the direction against the grain of the nail.

Don't forget to sanitize the nail tools.

The nail tools need to be clean, so they will not spread any bacteria and cause infections to your nails and skin. The best and easiest way to sanitize the nail tool is to use soap and water and wipe them down with alcohol.