How to stylishly wear flared jeans?


The '70s were the years that delivered lots of different and unique fashion styles. In terms of jeans, which were a big deal back then, flared jeans marked the decade. Styled up with bell sleeve tops and platform boots, the flared jeans were the most adored fashion garment, quickly becoming a significant cultural mark of that era.


In today's modern world, flared pants are making a comeback. They are trendy today because they offer the possibility to explore different jeans shapes and achieve a different silhouette look. One important thing to mention is that people today are looking for comfort, and the relaxed flares in all their forms are just a suitable option. 


For those willing to give the flared jeans a try and see themselves in a retro-new light, here are some styling tips and suggestions on how to get the most of the flared pants and look trendy and modern.

Black with a pop of color


This is a styling tip that works for lots of fashion garments, not just for flared jeans. Black is suitable for summer, of course, and why not wear black flared jeans? If you want to keep the all-black look, choose the pop of color as your bag or a layering piece. That way, you will flaunt the flared pants stylishly fashionable.


Monochromatic in earth tones


No matter the season, the Earth tones are always trendy and stylish. These colors carry both simplicity and elegance to the garments. Head-to-toe outfits in earth tones are an option you cannot go wrong with. If you want to incorporate the flared jeans into it, style them with a low-cut cardigan. As for the color, army green is always a good option.


Under a dress


This might sound bold and challenging, but that is because it is. Reserved only for the bravest and those willing to try something new and different, the flared jeans under a dress will deliver a unique look, to say at least.

Prints combo


Flared pants and trousers come in various options. With a particular accent on leisure and home wear, they have been present and a demanded option. Wearing such pants with a matching shirt, full of prints, will deliver a fashionable look. And they are not reserved only for the home; you can proudly wear them out too.


Tailored trousers


The flared trousers are a fantastic option for all those looking for a sleek and polished look for their work days. Style them with a tailored blazer and bow-tie blouse, and let the flared trousers speak their own story. This cowboy-inspired look is casual and formal at the same time.


With these styling suggestions, you will quickly introduce flared pants and jeans into your regular wear.