These are the summer’s hottest lipstick colors


Summer is always warmly welcomed by women. Not only is there a chance to change up fashion choices and spice things up, but also play around with some colorful makeup. Colors are always inspiring and inspire women to try them out. This goes for everything from eyeshadow to nails. But the easiest and most common choice for women is colored lipstick.

Bold and bold colors simply define summer. Neon colors that will only make you uncomfortable in summer are now a must-have. Whether you're putting on lipstick at work, day or night, lipstick is always there. This makeup product is so popular that every new summer season calls for a trend change.

For those of you looking to add color to your lips and refresh your face, what better way to do it than to put on lipstick. These are the hottest lipstick colors this summer. just looking!

Shiny pink

Glossy lipsticks are making a comeback. With the '90s back, it's time for glossy lipsticks. To keep up with these trends, opt for glossy lipsticks this summer. Not just anyone, but pink. Pink is a must-have shade for summer and will suit any skin tone.

Brick red

Brick red isn't just reserved for the colder months. It is a classic shade that is also perfect for summer. It is attractive and dominant and will give a dramatic look.

Classic action

Nude lipsticks are a year-round favorite. There are a variety of nude lipstick colors on the market today that will flatten different skin tones and give a very natural look. Neutral shades of lipstick allow for a bolder and bolder eye look.


Berry shades are an easy color that you can't go wrong with for summer. On fair skin tones, they provide incredible radiance and freshness, while on darker skin tones, the look is definitely dramatic and hot. This season has chosen a bright and juicy shade that will grab all the attention.


Many women are skeptical of peach lipstick color. But this is not required. This is a great shade that complements warm and bronzed looks nicely.

Poppy red

Red is always a classic, want a lipstick color. Instead of opting for classic red shades this summer, try poppy shades. It would make a serious statement. Perfect for day and night, it looks great whether it's your everyday choice or a glamorous one.

Update your lipstick drawer with these lipstick color inspirations and flaunt a different color every day of the week.