Top 10 Fashion Trends to Follow This Season


As we make our way through spring, summer sneaks up on us, and this calls for a fashion revamp. And do you know what can zest up your wardrobe this season? Our top 10 fashion trends will help you seek the season's best finds. As hot winds start blowing and the sun is at its mightiest, you want something about fashion, your personality, and fun. Today's article will cover our top 10 fashion trends this season. Sometimes, we have beautiful statement pieces in our cupboards, but we can never do them justice. Hence, it is also essential to comprehend what goes with what and what looks the best on you. Even though staying in touch with the top fashion trends is integral, having fun is also essential. Your style and fashion should speak for you. You have to find the right voice. And that's where we come in. Here are our top 10 fashion trends to follow this season.

1 - 1 - Top 10 Fashion Trends to Follow This Season

Clean and crisp

Do you know what will always stay in style? Basics! So, when in doubt, reach out for preppy skirts and fresh white button-down skirts. They are not too flashy on the eyes and yet speak volumes. This silhouette is in our top 10 fashion trends this season because it seems effortless. Early modern Britain era is the kind of vibe that you would have to envision; some classic black pointed heels with a small tote seal the deal. And to make it super fun, adding a bow in your hair that brings everything together never hurts!

Laid Back Royalty

Another of our favourites is the outfit that speaks richly, not in a harsh, loud tone, but in a calm and composed manner. This could be a simple pleated dress with pearls around the neck or a simple coordinate set with some glittery earrings to add a bit of jazz. Try sticking to neutral colour palettes. Keep it fresh, easygoing, and prim. In our list of top 10 fashion trends to follow this season, chilled-out wealth is an expression that is just a chef’s kiss.

Old cool

Granddad sweaters are making a comeback, and how? A knitted cardigan goes well with the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans. You can even rock a bralette underneath it to oomph it up. This retro-themed fashion trend always seems to go right!

Dainty Pink

Especially after the release of Barbie, we have realized that superfeminine clothing is a thing, and it looks gorgeous. Make it pink, poofy, chic. Making it to our list of top ten fashion trends to follow this season, magenta and fuchsia hues may become the season's flavour.

Dimension and structure.

One thing we have learned from winter and carried into summer is adding a framework to our outfits. Adding a belt to the waist or donning a scarf around the neck can create more depth in your look. You can even give headbands and bandanas a shot at building dimension.

Bold and basic

One of our top 10 fashion trends this season is the introduction of plain shades. Imagine a basic black blazer jacket combo but with a red tee to pair with it. Or even a flowy pastel dress with eye-catching neon pink boots as the centrepiece. Get creative, get fun.

1 - 2 - Top 10 Fashion Trends to Follow This Season

90s funk

Unsurprisingly, the wide-legged bootcut pants with shimmery jacket sleeves are taking up their case again. What brings them to our list of top ten fashion trends this season is how good they look! The flair and jazz they manage to get to a look is undeniable. It is safe to say even t-shirts with glittery abstract art can sail your boat this season.

Green and good

In 2024, people will be more aware and cautious of the environment. Everyone wants to look good, but not at the cost of the environment. Therefore, sustainable fashion is now finding ground. With preloved clothing being given traction, natural fibres are also being brought to the limelight. This must be one of our favourites in our top 10 fashion trends to follow this season.


Now, this is risky territory. If done well, you can look straight out of fashion week; if poorly done, you quickly seem tin clannish. Metallic colours and lustre are securing a spot in our top 10 fashion trends list this season. This is simple because they are pretty, different, and glamorous. What more can one want?

Monotone chic

When in doubt, it is always better to be the same colour from when in doubt top to bottom. There are two alternatives that you can pick from. Either be a subtle brown and fon kind of girl or a poppy electric blue gal. You do you!


And there you have it: those are our picks for our top 10 fashion trends to follow this season. You can either choose to be simple and royal or spunky and mischievous. Play with the colours and shapes. Find your own identity while staying in touch with today's fashion. See what looks good and, more importantly, what makes you feel good. If you are wearing an outfit and not the other way around, Pick and choose from our top ten fashion trends and curate your fashion reveal that the summer awaits!