Can we see dinosaurs again? Genetics of rebirth


Rebirth has always remained a controversial topic in terms of religious, philosophical, and scientific points of view. People around the world belonging to different religions, educational backgrounds, and mindsets have their own opinion about the process of rebirth. Their logic cannot be challenged as they are quite obstinate about their opinion. If we overlook the genetics of rebirth by using scientific knowledge then it is quite evident from the analysis of fossils of dinosaurs that they have found collagen and blood vessels but as far as the presence of DNA is concerned, there is no such component found. Complete eradication of dinosaur is not ambiguous as we know that DNA is a fragile molecule and possess sensitivity to harsh environmental conditions including sunlight and climate transitions. The oldest DNA found residing in the fossils was recorded to be 1 million years old but dinosaurs extinct around 66 million years ago. So, it seems quite unrealistic to find any preserved DNA and bring it back to life. Apart from studies of genetics, evolutionary science finds it a bit vague. Evolutionary scientists claim that the process of evolution is not predetermined or planned. There is the probability of happening of literally anything. It is a stochastic phenomenon that can take place in multiple directions. It can move forward as well as in a backward direction. If we talk about seeing dinosaurs again then evolution has to take place more likely in a reverse direction. Already present building blocks make it more favorable.

Another theory is very interesting as here we are talking about dinosaurs again and meanwhile a community believes that they never died. They still exist with us. Birds originated after evolving from carnivorous dinosaurs. In biological terms, every species evolving from ancestor dinosaurs will be considered a dinosaur. Descendants are sharing the same anatomical characteristics with ancestors. This concept leads towards the extinction of only non-avian dinosaurs. As birds are evolving, we will see new species of dinosaurs in the future.

Genetics of rebirth has also some mixed concepts of science and philosophical concepts. Life evolved from single DNA spreading in multiple directions. 99.9% of DNA is the same in all forms of life and the difference lies in the remaining 0.01%.  This 0.01% is responsible for the identity of an individual. Even identical twins have distinct DNA even if they originated from the division of a single zygote. Not only their genetic makeup is going to be different but their life span, behavior, and fate are also going to be different. Base pairs adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thiamine are controlling the biological world by the strength and magic of double and triple bonds.  The separation and synthesis of bonds is an unending process linked with the interactions of photons and phonons. DNA bears a mental code that gets activated by phonon. DNA possesses an antenna to hold the energy from the atmosphere. It is quite obvious that we are a very long way away from the reconstruction of dinosaurs’ DNA. The DNA of long-extinct life forms is almost impossible to construct. We are a living species; we have DNA available but are still not able to clone living beings from DNA alone. The DNA cannot be retrieved from 66 million old extinct species. So, we will not see dinosaurs again, but we can probably see evolved species from dinosaurs’ descendants.