How to Support Your Partner Through Pregnancy?


Hearing the news of pregnancy is very exciting for both mother and father. Even though the couple celebrates this good news together, the man seems to forget about their partner as time passes. Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging and exhausting for a woman, and during this time, supporting your partner can help them a lot.


When a woman is supported by her partner during these challenging yet emotional times, it can make her feel less stressed and happier. But sometimes, men don't know how to be there for their partners and give them the support they need. But now you don't have to worry because we have mentioned everything you know in this guide. After reading this guide, you will see how you can be present for your partner and support them through their pregnancy. So, let's jump right into the article.

How to Support Your Partner in Pregnancy?

Are you wondering how to handle your partner when pregnant and how to be for them during these nine months? Keep reading to learn ways to show your love and support to your partner.


Being pregnant is big news, and it calls for celebration. When you learn about the news, make your wife feel loved and unique; this can be an emotional moment for the couple, so expressing and celebrating this news can make a huge difference. Even a tiny celebration, like writing a note for your partner or going out to have dinner, can make your partner feel loved.

Help Her in Household

Being pregnant is not easy; a lot of energy and strength are required when you are building a baby inside your body. During this time, your wife can be more tired than ever, and household chores might be something other than what she will be looking forward to; this is where you can step in and show your love and support to her. Go the extra mile and help her around the house. Washing dishes, cleaning the house, and doing laundry are small tasks that you can do to help her cope with stress and burden.

Be a Listener

During pregnancy, a woman experiences many changes, both physically and mentally. Many women even experience anxiety during this time, and this is why you need to be there to listen to her concerns. Talk to her about her worries, listen to her rant about her feelings, and lend her your shoulder.

It can be emotionally challenging for both partners, but talking and listening to each other can help strengthen your bond with your wife. This is a fantastic way to show your support and tell her that you love her even during these challenging times.

Get Involved in the Medical Stuff

Many women want their partner to accompany them during every prenatal visit. Ask your partner if she would also like you to accompany her. If you cannot make any visits, check on her and ask her how the visit went and what the doctor said.

You can also keep track of her medications and vitamins; this is a way to show your love for your partner and ensure they stay healthy during the nine months.

Be Patient

One of the biggest challenges you might face when your partner is pregnant is mood swings. During pregnancy, the hormones are all over the place, and this can cause significant mood swings. She might get angry at you for no reason and then suddenly be happy. During these times, showing your patience and understanding of their feelings can be a tremendous way to show how much you love them.

You might even have some random cravings throughout the day, so make sure you are ready to feed your partner and fulfil her weird and random cravings.

Keep Her Fit

Being lazy and tired during pregnancy is very common, but it might not be good for your health; this is why, as a partner, you motivate them to be more active. You can become their workout buddy, help them go out for a walk, take a stroll around the neighbourhood, or do low-intensity workouts with them. This will help them feel more loved by you, and you both can stay fit even during pregnancy.

Talk About Future Plans

Having a baby can change many things, so you must discuss it and make plans for your family. You can talk about the health insurance you need to get for your child, whose health insurance will cover the baby's bills. Decide if you want to send your baby to childcare or hire a nanny. Decide if you wish both parents to stay home and help raise the child.


All these are important decisions you should make before the baby arrives. So, take these nine months, talk to your partner about it, and express yourself to make the right decisions for your child.

Compliment Her

During pregnancy, a woman experiences many physical changes and might not feel her usual self. In many cases, women dislike how they have gained weight and look. So, make sure to tell her that she looks beautiful and that the dress she is wearing looks fantastic on her, and shower her with many compliments. Don't be shy about making your partner feel pretty during these times.

Go Shopping

Preparing for a child can be very challenging, so help your wife even with this. Go shopping with her, pick clothes for your baby, and design their room together; this is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your partner and your love during pregnancy.

Final Words

Hearing the news that your wife is pregnant can be one of the best things in your life. During pregnancy, a man must be emotionally and physically available for his partner. You might experience many hardships and ups and downs during these nine months, so being there for them and showering them with love and support is essential. We hope this article teaches you how to make your partner feel more special.