Here is where you can see next the "This is US" cast


If the pandemic solves any problems, indulging in TC shows and watching them every day is the norm. For those binge-watching, one of the most popular and highest-rated TV shows is the family drama This Is Us.

From the moment it first aired, the show has entered its sixth and final season. So it's almost time to say goodbye to the popular and lovable Pearson family. For those who have developed an attachment to these characters and their lives, it's hard to imagine being without Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and her children Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kate (Chrissy) Metz) and Kevin (Justin) new TV show. Hartley). However, these actors already have some new roles, and we're certainly excited to see them.

Many of the show's stars have already launched new shows and movies later this year. On the other hand, some people have new music in their suitcases. So if you're in love with This Is Us characters, you can see them here next.

Mandy Moore

Moore is stepping down from the small screen after starring in the TV show for six seasons. Her focus now shifts to her music career as her singing skills are given a fair show on the show. Those who followed her on Instagram had already seen her post earlier this year in which she announced a new album.


Jack Pearson is in the annals of history, but that doesn't mean the end of Ventimiglia. The actor has already arranged some new projects. He will appear in the fourth season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. He will also star in "Miranda Obsessed" with Rachel Brosnahan. This is a new audio original series, launching April 28th.

Justin Hartley

Even before this was us, Hartley had a successful career. He has appeared in Smallville, Vengeance and The Restless. Next, he'll try it out in the Netflix films "Senior Years" and "Noel Diaries."

Sterling K. Brown

Many people found Randall to be their favorite character. His career now faces new accomplishments with films such as "Marshall" and "Black Panther." He also starred in Defender, a film based on the life of lawyer Scipio Africanus Jones.

Susan Kellech Watson

This isn't the first time Watson has appeared on a TV show. Many will recognize her from her recurring roles in "Louis," "The Followers," and "The Black List." However, there are still n new projects announced.

Chris Maze

Mace makes recurring appearances in American Horror Story and appears in Sierra Burgess as Losers and Breakthroughs. Like Moore, she is ready to enter the music industry and is eager to launch new music and tours.