Tristan Thompson and Maralee Nichols' Baby Boy's Name Revealed


And another child!

A month after Tristan Thompson_confirmed he had a child with Marally Nichols, it was revealed their son's name was Theo Thompson. It's also a nickname. A birth certificate obtained by the media revealed everything about Thompson's newborn. It noted that the baby was born on December 1 in Santa Monica, California. Maralee is listed as the mother, while Thompson is not listed as the father.

Later, on February 23, Maralee released a statement explaining why she chose this name for her child. Here is the full explanation:

"Theo, my little angel baby. I call you Theo because it means 'gift from God,'" she said. "I've never been pregnant and was told I might be infertile. I couldn't believe I was pregnant, and when I saw your ultrasound and your little heartbeat, I knew I would always protect you. Enter my life. My greatest blessing."

Along with the statement, Maralee explained why she decided that Tristan wasn't on the birth certificate. The explanation is that Theo was not present when he was born. This happened around the same time that Mallali filed a lawsuit against the NBA player. In the lawsuit, she noted that the baby was conceived in March. That was when the player was dating Khloe Kardashian while celebrating his 30th birthday in Texas. In the interview, she provided a slightly more detailed explanation. He told Maralee that they were parents and he was single. According to her, if she knew he was in a relationship, she would never have dated him.

This is not the end of the drama. Over the next few months, Thompson decided to apologize to Kardashian on Instagram. He wrote that he took full responsibility for his actions and that a paternity test was in place, and that she wanted to raise his son amicably. He added that he sincerely apologized to all those who were harmed by the drink, both in private and in public.

However, these were just words, and Mallari decided to stand up again and say he didn't keep his word. She told the media that Thompson did nothing to support her son, despite news reports saying otherwise. She went on to say that he did not try to meet her son or provide any financial support.

Thompson already has two children. He shares daughter True Thompson, 3, with Khloe Kardashian and son Prince, 5, with ex-Jordan Craig.

Whether Thompson will become Theo's estranged father remains to be seen. Or maybe there will be a fourth child somewhere? We're definitely seeing this pattern here.